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Açai Smothie

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For those who love exercise, we have included peanuts which are known to give you energy, disposition and a reduced
100 pieces
30 pieces
50 pieces

Chicken Coxinha

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Special box 100 pieces

Chocolate Brigadeiro 30

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Special box 30 pieces

Mini Kibbeh 30

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Special box 30 pieces

Seasoning blend
premium food

Specially selected ingredients and spices, combined with exclusive family recipes, result in the unparalleled flavor of our food.


Chicken Coxinha, Croquette, kibbeh and more


Special Box 30/50/100 pieces

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Quality ingredients, recipes approved worldwide and carefully prepared, for the most demanding customers.


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Fresh fruit juice, carefully packaged, preserves essential vitamins and mineral salts for your health



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Hygienic packages, closed in order to preserve the flavor and the temperature are care that are part of our daily life.


Vitamins and minerals

Our concern in food preparation ranges from choosing the best ingredients to careful preparation, preserving the nutritional value.